Not Catching Fire.


So I’m still down here in sunny and warming up Florida. I’m headed over to Tampa Bay Downs I’ve never been there but from what I’ve read it’s a successful and historic thoroughbred horse track that has kept up with the market by now offering a poker room similar to what is found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course my first thoughts have to return to New Hampshire and places like Salem and asking the question:

Of what could be…

But for whatever reason(s) it isn’t going to work. I’m standing on the outside looking in but if the expanded casino legislation in N.H. had any chance of passage that time has now passed, at least for the present. It’s unfortunate but I think there are simply too many factions and power groups within the Statehouse and across New Hampshire to come up with a piece of legislation that will be agreeable. And compromise doesn’t appear to be a part of this discussion.

Not that the issue isn’t dead completely. For example in Hampton Beach there is at least one proposal to open a charitable poker room right near the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom this is certainly a good idea- and an idea that if done correctly could demonstrate how expanded casino gaming could be successful in New Hampshire. Unlike some of the other venues that exist in the state: Salem, Belmont, Milford, etc. Hampton Beach is right in the epicenter of tourism and the discretionary economy that is so important in New Hampshire.

But if the Hampton Beach venture is poorly run it sets the whole issue back.