This Rocks.

You’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what is real.”- Van Halen.Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, Fl. Photo Credit: Seminole Hard Rock Casino Corporate Website.

Yesterday I went to Tampa Bay Downs and was this place ever a disappointment.

Structured similar to the Rockingham Race Track in Salem the track actually looked and felt like the last years of thoroughbred racing at the rock. I expected a lot more especially in light of all that is said on their corporate website about million dollar upgrades, improvements, etc. The place is filled with people that either belong in a nursing home or a glue factory and then there is security everywhere!  

So I decided to leave this place and head over to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa.

This place rocks!

Cast in a motif of rock music the whole casino has photos, costumes and musical instruments from all the contemporary artists from Metallica to Van Halen. And it’s a first class casino from the ground floor: restaurants, bars, music, great food and of course the gaming areas which include a poker room that is similar to the upscale Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I think I’ve been to every casino on the east coast of the North American continent.

Quite an achievement huh?