Political Handling.


Watching the CNN Hardball show last night and they’re all over the Palin comment about the space program and how Sputnik caused the “collapse of the Soviet Union.” or something close to this in the statement of Sarah Palin.

I don’t know what CNN liked better attacking the issue, the statement or both. What struck me is the question by one of the reporters about the staff of the former Alaska Governor and how she might be allowed or handled to make a statement like this. The response was that Palin likely did not have any staff people that would go this distance in controlling her statement(s) and that instead she would be likely to be very critical of anything stated by the current administration, especially during this State of the Union time.  

Is this politically dangerous or just plain stupid?

I don’t see how any political candidate can afford to chance any statement before the media especially a statement that is grounded in well-established fact(s) and history surrounding these facts. The collapse of the Soviet Union was not caused by the launching of Sputnik.

This is also assuming anyone is even watching CNN Hardball.