Cat And Coal.


Reading through Potomac Watch in today’s Wall Street Journal newspaper, and what I think is a really good article by Kimberley A. Strassel.

It’s about Cap and Trade. Mostly.

“Snort, Guffaw and Chortle.” Her words not mine but interesting though. Okay, time to move on. So, I was reading the article about the real intentions of the administration to once again try an implement Cap and Trade, likely using another name and the end result “crushing taxes on fossil fuels-oil, coal and natural gas.” Strassel says. The end result moves toward like what Vermont is trying to do Renewable Portfolio Standard or RPS. The Strassel article does state that this proposal, no legislation was named will have a tough sell in this Congress.

So what does this have to do with New Hampshire? Get ready to jump.

Caterpillar equipment and coal mining.

CAT is quite profitable these days, new Asian markets and demand for anything to be mined well, not rocket science here but opportunity in the long term. And believe it or not New Hampshire is an end user of coal a big end user. Namely, the electric generation capacity at Bow and the transportation related jobs needed to bring the coal to New Hampshire.

I hope New Hampshire Congressional Delegation is looking at the possible resurfacing of Cap and Trade and moves to ITL or simply kill the legislation in committee. The second component of this whole idea is jobs. New Hampshire would be an ideal location for the manufacture of components like hydraulics used in Caterpillar equipment this instead of the defense area hieracracy that exists and that I think is likely to shrink as the Defense Department begins reducing its overall budget this year. 

Replace defense with cat and coal. Jobs for New Hampshire.