The Tough Back.


From August to January I was employed as an Over the Road (OTR) Truck Driver for the Salt Lake City, Utah based Central Refrigerated Service Inc. During this time I literally covered thousands of miles across geography, markets, individuals and what I believe is a direct correlation to New Hampshire politics. This is my story…

Driving a truck isn’t as easy as it seems, and NH politics isn’t either and I’ll show this. So I’m the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, after driving all night long and I’ve now arrived at the main gate of a Fortune 500 based company to be greeted by two Nicaraguan rent-a-cops in poorly fitting uniforms; and they’re having some real issues with the English language. I know they’re from Nicaragua because I asked them: I learned in NH politics to always ask people where they’re from—(Executive Councilor Ray Burton taught me this). So I present my bills of lading, it’s about 0530 the sun is just starting up in what would prove to be a hot sticky Texas day.

“Door 17, break your seal, slide your tandems and we’ll call on channel 19 when were finished.” Think about this sentence as a mixture of broken English and Spanish sounding words. At least I got the door assignment. Basically what he said was go ahead back into the door and we’ll take as long as we want to unload you, it doesn’t matter is you next load picks up in six hours it’s our load and your just here to take out the trash. They probably don’t even have green cards but they’ve still figured out how capitalism works. Is this most cool or what.

So I head back to my assigned 2010 International Prostar which is built in Mexico and have three immediate thoughts:


-Detention Pay.

-Where does George W. Bush live?

Under the rules of trucking, or at least this carrier the receiver has two hours from acceptance of the load to have the trailer unloaded. If the time runs over the company driver receives $16.00 an hour of ‘detention pay.’ In this case it took over five hours to unload and I was sleeping the whole time. It was like eating lunch with NH lobbyists good food, good conversation and they pick up the tab in the end, or maybe they don’t? In any case, the issue starts and the issue ends.

I never found out where the former President lives.