The Significance.


There’s a race on for Chairman of the NHGOP.

I’m sure there is some significance here but what is significant about this race I think is a question that needs to be answered, and better yet defined. So where am I going on this blog?

Haven’t written in a little while. I’m in a new adventure in life and that being one of an over the road truck driver, a trucker. And I’ve just returned to the granite state for a short break or as the trucking industry calls it home time. I’ve just returned from Denver, Colorado where I ran across Kansas and then south to my terminus in suburban Atlanta. Anyways, I’m now here at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH about eight feet from the Gold Room and the circular table where documents were signed creating the gold standard and the World Bank.  I’m looking at the significance and the importance of the Gold Room and the idea is leading me to question the NHGOP race and the coverage it now receives. Why?

I don’t think this race is important at all; it’s merely an example of the smokescreens that go on in NH politics all the time. And this is done using the campaign and the endless platforms, promises and policies that emininate from all of this. Which amounts to? Return to the question: Why?

If you have not ever visited the Mount Washington Hotel you’re missing out. There are lots of reasons to come here, even political reasons. I was walking through the grand main lobby trying to come up with an idea for this blog and then I found a photo of Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr. signing the documents in 1944 that would later rebuild a postwar Europe. But the caption in the picture doesn’t state it: there is still a war in Europe and battles are still being fought and lost. I’m picturing American B-17s and British Lancaster’s turning cities like Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin into flaming funeral pyres; and how one conference in the northern part of New Hampshire has significance to the whole world!