NHPTV Sacred Cows.


I’ll state it up front I’m not a big fan of Rep. Steve Vallincourt’s type of politics. To me his brand is like a shotgun blast with heavy pellets flying all over the air with some finding their mark but in the end the issue is largely untouched with a little bit of smoke and no real substantive action.

But today I think he’s got one.

The AP newswires are reporting that Rep. Vallincourt is proposing eliminating state funding for NH Public Television apparently there is to be a hearing on the matter this week. This is an idea that could save NH taxpayers millions of dollars and if it were managed correctly services to the citizens of this state might actually improve.

Sacred Cows.

If there are any sacred cows in New Hampshire NHPTV is one of them. Onetime I read a story in the Boston Globe about public television in New Hampshire and surrounding states including Massachusetts and Vermont. It showed the fundraising and level of public support for these other states and the difference between them and New Hampshire was literally night and day. And why is this?

It can never be a good idea to get involved with name calling and accusations so I’m not doing this. But the starting place with NHPTV should be a look at the management and the board of directors and then look at their salaries and exactly what they have accomplished in the past 2-3 years other than justify and explain the challenges that they face. I think it would also be interesting to see how many of these individuals also serve in advisory capacities in other areas of state government either through direct influence or lobbying.

Dissolve NHPTV and merge its market areas into Massachusetts and Vermont public television stations save money and service and programming would improve and I’ll leave the leadership issues in New Hampshire stay where they are, for now.

I hope Rep. Vaillancourt is successful.