More Invasion Forces Arrive. Today.


It doesn't take much news reading these days to see the various movements and politicial activism that is sweeping across the U.S. and even New Hampshire.

Occupy this and occupy that. Set up tents on Wall Street and Manchester. The Tea Party will even have another rally and Sarah Palin book signing. Clearly the geopolitical landscape is not only impacted but will bring much and substative change across the land. Whether this is good or bad I'll let you decide on your own.

But here is one change that starts today that will only lead to BAD.

And it will make highways more dangerous and cost many Americans their jobs. There is no fear here. This is the reality. 

Be safe out there.

"LAREDO, Texas (AP) — The first Mexican carrier to deliver goods in the U.S. interior under a long-delayed free-trade provision is scheduled to enter the country at Laredo, Texas, shortly after midday Friday.

The truck owned by Nuevo Leon, Mexico-based Transportes Olympic will make a delivery to the Dallas suburb of Garland. That's despite continuing opposition from the Teamsters union and some lawmakers who fear the program will make U.S. highways more dangerous and cost American jobs.

The truck will carry a monitoring device. The move complies with a provision of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.

The company was also the first approved under the 2007 pilot program before President Barack Obama's administration canceled it. Mexico retaliated by placing tariffs on 99 agricultural products worth more than $2 billion annually."