Sen. Ayotte Is Awesome.


In today's blog I won't waste much of my time or yours by explaining some geopolitical issue and an analysis of what can be done. Inasmuch as I'd love to be like Zbig Brezinski. Dream on.

So I'll cut right to the immediate chase.

Its been a bad week for the trucking industry.

Yesterday I reported on the entry of the Mexicans into the United States and its disastrous consequences: 100,000 jobs lost, more accidents and an NAFTA like trading environment. And for the U.S. drivers that remain in the fray: yet more regulations. The U.S. Department of Transportation and Secretary Ray Lahood are poised to to enact new rules and regulations regarding what is known as hours of service, namely the 11 and 14 hour rules and the 34 hour restart. In English this means that drivers will be restricted to 10 and 13 hours of driving and on-duty time which means ultimately (emphasis added) less money for the carrier and the driver. And let's forget having a discussion about how freight moves in this country. Next time you're in the Supermarket ask the yuppie driving Volvo driver how their produce ended up on the shelves. I already know the answer:

"Too busy to be bothered." "I went to an Ivy League School." 

The same reasoning, though unstated from the from the professional and career bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.

So what does all this have to do with Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire?

Good Question.

Senator Ayotte has stood up to the bureaucracy by amending a piece of legislation preventing the U.S. DOT from implementing these rules. This is significant because the political future of one Sen. Ayotte is certainly not dependant or influenced by legislation dealing with the trucking industry or its drivers. The senator could have glossed this over and focused on New Hampshire issues that lead to the next election, like Senator Shaheen does every day.