Eyes Of The Wolf.


"About mid-day, Kesselring telephones me and tells me that we shall probably have to wait three or four days before our large-scale counter-measures begin to get under way. Until then there can be no major shift of developments in our favour. Kesselring is nevertheless in good heart. He is assured and full of character in his estimate of the situation and there is not a trace of defeatism with him. He tells me also that the attitude of the civil population has somewhat improved under the influence of our propaganda."

- Josef Goebbels. Italian Campaign.

I've been told and experienced, that you can tell alot about a human being by looking into their eyes. The eyes tell all...

Amanda Knox.

The power of propaganda. And it is a power! Perhaps in this age a legitimate and real power.

But then this is Italy.

In this world the wolf always wins. And history says it does.