Unjust Perceptions.


It was my intention to use this blog to discuss the new book, Steve Jobs by Walter Iassacson but since I don’t even possess a copy of this book this won’t happen at least not yet…

Still on the subject of books yesterday I was in Concord and I noticed a new chapter in the saga of Border’s Bookstore closing. Books-A-Million is definitely moving into that space. I don’t much about this new retailer but I still think this is a good sign for Concord; Gibson’s Bookstore just doesn’t cut it.

Back to Apple Computers.

So yesterday, after I decided against purchasing the Steve Jobs book, (it's cheaper online) I started thinking about the Apple equipment itself and similar to politics and the powers of perception I defined my demographic of what my thinking was of this company and the individuals that use their computers:

Granola eating, sandal wearing type A yuppies who drive Prius automobiles and are concerned about global warming and carbon footprints. I’m also picturing individuals sleeping in tents in the shadows of elegant looking glass buildings in the financial and power centre’s of the U.S. “I’ll add on to this by stating I’ll bet they even voted for change in the last election.”

Don’t ask me how I came to this definition because I don’t know. So by now I’m at the Best Buy on the Concord Heights trying out the demos for the Apple I Pad, I Pad II, the I Phone 3 and the I Phone 4 and finally the two laptop versions: Skybook and the larger standard laptop.

Well, forget all this perception garbage.

I’m instantly blown away about how impressive this Apple equipment is all of it! I’m sitting there running multiple applications simultaneously and there was not a second of hesitation anywhere. No hourglasses, no hard drive running it was like water running across glass. Just simple smooth movements and after several minutes of this I’m almost forgetting that I’m using a computer!!! I haven’t read the book yet, but of the legacy and technology designs of one Steve Jobs.

Too bad politicians couldn’t design policy like this.


P.S. Thank You Harold Brown for forwarding me the video. Awesome!