Media Police Protection.


"We have to put a stop to the idea that it is a part of everybody's civil rights to say whatever he pleases."

- Adolph Hitler, (22 February 1942). 

Now some questions for Manchester West High School Principal Mary McGorry:  

"Is Detective Murphy in school today?"

Answer: "Yes he is."

"And that doesn't concern you?"

Answer: Statement of support for the police and all that they do including crashing a 17 year olds head against a table.

"It seems he violated the rights of the student."

Answer: Click.

 I used to have alot of respect for Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid I liked his editorials, especially the ones critical of NH State Government and its politics.

  But not anymore.

  After reading his pro Police and Establishment doctrine "About That West Arrest." am left with the conclusion that in the end it is the police that are running the police state and not the people that are paying for the police. Constitutional Rights what are those.... Do they even exist?

  Here are some interesting facts to consider and can be found on the videos themselves that I believe demonstrate what I'm talking about:

  The principal stated that she wasn't there when the stated incident occurred, yet, she supported the police version of what happened. If you notice that she didn't say anything about the student in question like this is an "unfortunate incident." which it was. Basically, no empathy for the student in her school, instead she assumes the role of public relations officer for the Manchester Police Department.

  Disorderly. Right. Collateral Damage might be the more accurate descriptive here.

  Then if you notice the principal can't be bothered with constitutional rights. And I don't care what the student said to the police. The student is entitled to Miranda Rights and the right to speak with an Attorney. I'd also be interested if the Manchester Police had a search warrant to search through his personal possessions as a part of this arrest. I'd also like someone to send me the RSA stating that a minor can be fingerprinted for a school level violation. I'd also like to see the RSA that gives Manchester West High School and its administrators the right to tell students to shut off the camera that was filming this whole event.

  I remember when I was in Germany and taking the tour of Dachau Concentration Camp right outside Munchen. I'm interested in railroads and their operations so I literally walked the entire length of the switch back leading onto the Deutche Bahn Main Line (DB). This is where long trains of cattle cars would bring in all sorts of individuals not just jews and the immediate reality that I learned here is that despite the daily arrival of these trains, there were no questions asked by the local populace or the news media of what was happening here. This is what to expect when a Nazi autocratic and totalitarian regime and government is in power. No questions are asked. A Nazi regime that was voted into power and subsequently created jobs and an exponential increase in living standards across it natural, vassal and conqured lands. Life not only got better, it got alot better.

 So Thank You Mr. McQuaid!!!!! Thank You for being a part of the establishment. Thank you for not asking any questions and using your role as a journalist to let the "police do what we need them to do."

 Work Does Make You Free.