Not A Good Report From Goffstown.


Hello NH Insiders!!!!!  Did you miss me?

Probably not.

But I’ll tell a story anyways…

So this time last year I was just east of Eau Claire, Wisconsin headed across the border into Minnesota to hook a cheese load for delivery some two days later in Savannah, Georgia. So I hook the load, set the reefer and head south and eleven hours later I’m somewhere in Amish Country between Springfield, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. Exhausted I pull into a Pilot Truck stop and I’m now standing in a deep shower line filled with an eclectic mix of OTR and Regional truck drivers mostly they are wearing wearing cowboy hats and Harley Davidson leather jackets, and then they’res me!

Then I hear “hello” right behind me. So I turn around with at least two others in line, and I’m not elaborating here it’s a Jennifer Anniston looking like female asking if I know where the prepaid phone cards are. “Cash register” I quickly respond, throwing in “Are you a driver?” She isn’t. So like her I’m fidgeting with my prepaid cell phone waiting for the line to somehow move forward and the Anniston look alike asks me where I’m headed. I pause for a second, thinking about orientation and my carrier stating that I shouldn’t discuss my loads or routes with anyone except shippers, receivers and dispatchers. So I improvise, “headed south, someplace nice and warm.” And then flip the question: “And where are you headed?” “Cali” she answers. I’m taking this mean California but then again I’ve only been driving for 11 hours today. “Are you from here?” she says. “No I’m from New Hampshire.”

“I’m from Haverhill.”

All I can say to this is GEE WHIZ! I’m here in a Pilot truckstop appreciating the simple pleasures in life like a hot shower and some decent food; and I’m talking with a gorgeous stranger expecting here to be from somewhere, anywhere and it turns out she is from New Hampshire. And this story can only get more interesting…

Well it turns out Jennifer Anniston is looking for a ride to Cali which I can’t help her with. So after explaining my circumstances of being a new driver in training, I ask what brings her out to this part of the Midwest region of the United States.

“Got out of State Prison.” she replies with a direct and straight face, and no emotion. I don’t know why I picked up on this but I did. So I ask a curiosity kills the cat question: “So were you in Concord or Berlin?” I’m thinking about the big brick building on North Main Street in Concord and how it reminds me of the now demolished Spandau Prison in Germany.

“Duh” she says “I was in Goffstown.”

To Be Continued...