Katrina Didn't Help.


If you’ve ever been in the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston then going to the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi won’t be that much of a surprise. The only structural difference here is the massive glass atrium above the front desk.

And I’ll cut right to the chase Biloxi, Mississippi isn’t looking too good.

I was in Biloxi not long after the State of Mississippi had passed land based casinos this is 1998 and there was construction everywhere with the Beau Rivage seeming to represent the opulence or high-roller aspect of the gaming market much like the Borgata Casino does in Atlantic City today. Walking through the Beau Rivage looks as if nothing has been replaced or upgraded since it opened. Everything at this casino looks worn from the carpeting to the poker tables and the fading wallpaper off the main lobby; I’m finding this surprising with the substantial investment that was made here. Perhaps Katrina changed all of this.

Everything I’ve read about Biloxi is that Katrina forced a lot of reconstruction, if this is the case I don’t think it was for the better. Anything that was near the beach was wiped out and replaced with pre fabricated structures and strip malls that will be wiped out if another storm comes. The roads and bridges into Biloxi have been reconstructed lot’s more overpasses than there were but somehow the designers neglected the signs so anyone that doesn’t have a GPS will have a hard time figuring out that the main bridge leads out of the city back to 10 this instead of going over to Gulfport which adds at least 14 miles also the stop lights in this city aren’t synchronized I saw two rear-enders and an almost t-bone in my hours here. It looks like the post Katrina cleanup crews simply slapped together repairs as fast as they could be made. Later I would go over to the Imperial Palace which is the only other major casino in the Biloxi area it’s in slightly better condition than the Beau Rivage but the place is dead I literally walked past hundreds of slot machines, blackjack tables and a vacant poker room and didn’t see a single soul by now I’m wondering if this place is closed and they forgot to lock the main door by the porte cochere and its empty board of valet key storage. I was glad to get out of Biloxi.

So now I’m headed up to Little Rock, Arkansas I’m on 49 north and these have to be the worst drivers on the face of this planet they’re morons, or as truckers say stupid fucking four wheelers and their attitudes “me-first, me-first I’ve got to get home to my Facebook page!” Of course there has to be Prius driver in the group just imagine what kind of political bumper sticker there is on this car.