Cheese Load.


From August to January I was employed as an Over the Road (OTR) Truck Driver for the Salt Lake City, Utah based Central Refrigerated Service Inc. During this time I literally covered thousands of miles across geography, markets, individuals and what I believe is a direct correlation to New Hampshire politics. This is my story…

So it’s approaching Christmas Eve and I’m being dispatched with a cheese load that originated in Wisconsin came down through Chicago and I’m picking it up for its final destination Denver, Colorado. Then from Denver I’ll later head up Greeley hook to meat load and then head east to outside Springfield, Missouri.

It would turn out to be my best run and ultimately my last.

As stated previously my initial experience as an OTR truck driver was difficult especially some of nuances of effective driving namely, tactics like floating gears and backing into some tight locations where there is little to no margin for error. But at this point in the game I’m finally coming into it. Floating gears is simply matching engine and road speed to be able to shift without the clutch which can be a real advantage in a number of environment(s). And my conclusion of backing is this: backing is an art not a science; for the simple reason that no two backs are ever the same namely, different environment(s), loading docks, etc. This now ends the lesson of truck driving 101. Okay, so after dropping my load in Denver I’m headed up to Greeley for some reason I’m thinking that this is going to be an affluent bedroom community off of Denver.

Not exactly.

There are a number of tract subdivisions and row upon row of split-levels but I would stop short of calling it affluent. From what I understood Greely was once the site of substantial cattle ranching and meat packing but similar to the paper industry in northern New Hampshire the decline and fall has begun for this industry and today it is a mere shadow of itself. And other than the housing stock the community looks rather threadbare and worn down. So I’m told to have my empty trailer at the shipper by 0330 and I’m there by 0315 at the main gate with a security guardhouse to the right behind an electric gate. So I walk over and inside is a rather Spanish looking female wearing a security uniform and badge that says, 'Security Forces' and her face is transfixed to a computer monitor that has Web MD. I pull out my bills of lading and tap on the glass: tap, tap, tap. And just as I finish the last tap I see a stern note in block letters: DRIVERS DON’T TAP ON THE GLASS!


Greeley, Colorado on Christmas Morning 2010.

Well, don't I just feel like the ghost of Christmas past.

To Be Continued...