Black History Month


 I’m down here in Little Rock, Arkansas which is also the site of the Presidential Library for the 43rd President of the United States. I’ve never been to a presidential library so while I was in the area I decided to have a gander. Well, it turned out to be a mistake.

It’s Black History Month.

And this has nothing to do with racism or anything like this. Instead I think it has to do with society in general, and as an example of exactly what is happening. So I go over to the library itself, it’s a really impressive type of place with glass, design, landscaping, etc. But what was more interesting were the people in attendance themselves. From what I understand the former president was either in town or had been there, all of events were by invitation only and judging by the caliber of cars in the long lines getting in the invitations went out to the a listers. So as I turned my car around I looked at most of the people waiting to partake in the activities. And guess what: not many blacks.  

Black History Month and not many blacks.

I’m not trying to draw any conclusions here; instead I tried to simply find out as much as I could about the festivities in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Have you been to Clinton Presidential Library?” I say to a young, pretty server as I finish ordering a Jalapeno burger and a diet coke. “Never been there.” she says casting me a glance that says “Why are you asking me this?”And I refused to let it go. “So you live in Little Rock, Arkansas and you’ve never been there, the former President of the United States.” “I’ve lived here my whole life and no I haven’t been there.” And by now she is really wondering why I’m asking this question in a restaurant, it’s Chili’s.

So I devour a Jalapeno Burger, it’s not very good it seems like a standard patty like what is found in McDonald’s or Burger King, it’s hot to the mouth but I can’t taste any Jalapeno. The server comes back, delivers the bill and asks if everything is okay, I lie and say that it is and I don’t press her any further about anything political, guess she must be content with her life as it is, wonder if she knows it’s black history month and does she even care? So I pay my bill and get ready to leave and she says “It’s the most expensive Presidential Library in the history of mankind, and with their resources I don’t think they’ve done a whole lot for the local community.”

That settles that.

Judging by what little I’ve seen I think this is a fair statement.