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New Hampshire Insider Blogger Ed Naile has an issue with Border’s Bookstores and more particularly the individuals and demographic groups that are often seen in this store including the one in Concord.

Judge not or you yourself be judged Mr. Naile.

Border’s declared bankruptcy earlier this week and for me this was/is a cause for concern. When I was in New Hampshire I frequented the Concord Borders ordering my favorite, Javanella Shake in addition to being a place to work on my blog, this bookstore clearly caters to anything intellectual, ideas and imagination which in this society is needed. Apparently, in the thinking of Mr. Naile, the Walmart’s and the man caves should be the preferred location to hang out or at least go about the business of the day.  Forget how things could be, just accept they way that they are, it is what it is.

Right.  And this is wrong.

Unfortunately, I think for this society the thinking of Mr. Naile is definitely prevailing. Border’s is shuttering some 200 locations as Barnes & Noble has already done a lot of the same. I’m down here in Memphis, Tennessee; once there were four B&N stores in this city. Today, two are closed another is closing and the remaining store where I’m doing this blog is actually outside the city proper near some upscale gated communities northeast of the city. Which makes sense-- higher socioeconomic status means books and ideas and if you’re anything lower go to Walmart or watch brainless and manipulated NASCAR racing on your obsene 55’ widescreen HDTV.

I’d tell these people to get a life but they’ve already got one. They seem to own it.

Good for them.

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