Get The Message.


Three time loser John Stephen is back on the campaign trail. Unfazed by the messages voters have sent him the former assistant attorney general turned bureaucrat had a piece in the Union Leader about the budget deficit and what I think is his true hand in politics:


In this case it was his attack on the NHDOT Bureau of Environment accusing it or replicating the larger Department of Environmental Services.

Thank you former Commissioner Stephen for your insight.  

Is the best this professional politician can come up with? An undefined attempt to redraw an organizational chart which probably would do almost nothing to save taxpayer money in addition to making issues at DOT likely more complex by trying to outsource important services like wetlands protection to an outside agency that is already slated to be cut in terms of both position(s) and hours available. How many projects are currently backlogged at DOT because the department doesn’t have the immediate resources to get to them?

I’d have to admire Stephen’s self confidence though. It must take something inside to lose three elections and watch all that campaign funding and effort be washed down the river. Yet he presses on: more press releases, more attacks and still no real substance about why voters should even look at his campaign never mind considering voting for him.

Maybe it will take a loss in a contested primary for Stephens to get the message.