Do It For The Slots.

Salina, Kansas. Video Poker and Keno.


So I’m here in a place called Salina, Kansas. It’s right off I-70 and it’s pronounced Sa-Lina.


I own a most excellent pair of Rossignol Bandit XX GS skis that hopefully after a nine hour trip west over I-70 I’ll use on either the slopes of Steamboat or Aspen, Colorado. I’ve been to Vail I think the place is a waste of time in terms of skiing and the social scene there is even worse it’s filled with the me-first people. There are a lot better places in the western part of the United States to go skiing, clearly.

This is a shot of the Bosselman Travel Center where I’m at. They have free Wi-Fi so this is good and then I looked over and saw something else. Video Poker and Keno.

Video Poker and Keno in central and rural Kansas.

Imagine that from a policy perspective Kansas has actually authorized Video Poker and their revenue streams to be placed in an area where quite likely the agrarian economy is quite similar if not the same as New Hampshire. Except New Hampshire has more tourism. Imagine what the ramifications of that move could be.

Yet another example of what is wrong with New Hampshire. Somehow every other state in the United States gets the expanded casino gaming question right but somehow when it comes to doing in the Granite State it can’t work.