Making The Argument.


I wasn’t at the hearing for the casino legislation in New Hampshire. But it’s not hard to imagine what the opponents of the bill had to say including Rep. Vaillncourt whose remarks, or at least attitude appear on this very board.

"The social costs for New Hampshire and the crime!!!!"

Hypocrites all of them. Hypocrites.

By his own admission Rep. Vaillncourt has visited the casino in Montreal the glassy, state run casino with the lowest payout statistics on the North American continent. I’ve been to this casino as well I don’t like it because not only is the place too busy but it’s too expensive for the services that are offered including the food which has a whopping 11% tax added right on at the source. This food isn't that good anyway.

Of course the opponents of casinos in New Hampshire state all the crime and bad things that will happen if this legislation passes. Have they produced any real evidence that this will happen besides their endless commentary including former Senator Jim Rubens? The answer is they haven't.

Meanwhile rural states like Kansas are able to offer expanded casino gaming as a source of tax revenue that is ultimately a source of tax relief for many residents of these states.

Though executive order Governor Lynch advanced a comprehensive feasibility study and analysis of what expanded gaming would do in New Hampshire interestingly, it found one of the most profitable casinos would be in northern New Hampshire where the tourists are.

Why isn’t any of this being considered?

 I'll tell you why because the hypocrites are in control. This is wrong. Salina, Kansas.