A Vision Of Paris Hilton.


This will probably qualify as a very disorganized blog but here I go!

Because of the high fuel prices I have to scrap plans to ski in Colorado I’m in Missouri now and fuel prices have climbed from $2.97 to $3.30 and are still likely to go higher. So at this point I’m headed back to New Hampshire.

So what does this have to do with Paris Hilton?

I’m looking at my Rand McNally road atlases (truckers edition) and the life saving Garmin GPS and it looks as if going through Canada via Toronto and Montreal is the fastest and direct route back to northern New Hampshire; and takes me through an awesome city, Montreal. My adventures here alone, including some politics is also good material for my blogs-- aren’t you excited about that.

I hope so. In any case a really good place to go is the Hard Rock Café on Crescent Street and right around the corner from this is Rue St. Katherine’s street and everytime I visit Montreal it seems there are females here that look just like Paris Hilton and this is a reason to go to Montreal just by itself!!!

Quite a vision indeed. Think pole dancing.

Right up the street from the Hard Rock Café on the corner is a most excellent cigar bar, I don’t remember the name but the place is always filled with businessman and merchants and the discussion, if you listen closely, is usually negative United States in current events. And an interesting perspective on how it’s portrayed. Last time I was there they were talking about Cuba and some of the trade patterns that have evolved and not evolved thanks to the United States. It’s a big world out there. In politics nothing is ever as it seems.

I’m headed back to New Hampshire. It’s raining like heck here in Missouri when I left Kansas they were predicting 1-2” so I got out of dodge just as quick as possible.