Politics And Pleasure.


Politics is an experience like no other. Anyone that gets involved in this field knows of the dynamics and interaction of people, power, perception and the grease that makes society move: money.

I’m now going to make almost the same argument about trucking. I’ve never encountered an environment like this one except in politics.

So this particular day, as my example, starts outside suburban Atlanta and a delivery to a refrigerated warehouse that was not designed for the massive amount of truck traffic that it receives, this including the narrow neighborhood access roads. Getting in here was not only a challenge, it was a major challenge. So now I’m parked outside the main gate along with a plethora of other trucking companies there at least 20 every national carrier is represented here including mine.

The waiting game.

The A/C is cranked on high the receiver is on channel 11 and I decide to take a much needed siesta until the time comes. About an hour into my restful sleep I’m awakened to bang, bang, bang. I’m really groggy and instantly I’m thinking two things of what this could be:

-The police telling me to get off the street.

 -A lumper (unloading) company looking for a contract.

And it was neither.

Stay tuned… if nothing else I think you’ll find this one interesting.