Yeah, Like Representing Who?



Grant Bosse has it right when he testified on the NHPTV legislation “Does New Hampshire need to be in the television business? The answer is no it does not.”

The issue also comes down to representation and who is being represented in the use of valuable taxpayer dollars. A case in point in today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal newspaper where there is an article about export coal and how this growth area serving expanding Asian markets, particularly China. I won’t bore you with the statistics but there is a policy implication here that can be applicable to New Hampshire.

The WSJ article talked about coal from places like Wyoming and Montana and how it can be shipped to China. Some of the major U.S. coal producers are now investing in seaside port facilities like in Seattle/Tacoma, Washington and are now facing expansive regulatory hurdles to export millions of dollars of the black gold to Asian markets. And why do they have to go through this?

Because they were rejected by the taxpayer funded policymakers and facilities.

“It wasn’t a right fit.” said an official of the Seattle based state port authority, which reportedly has suitable acreage available and a local unemployment rate near 17%. It wasn’t a right fit. Turn down millions of dollars in potential contracts because somehow dirty proletariat coal doesn’t fit into the scheme of things. And the very individuals that made this decision: who do they represent themselves, the hierarchy that put them there or the very taxpayers that fund their salaries. Reminds me of New Hampshire and graduates of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, the well-educated, forward thinkers that they are.

I think a lot of things are done exactly this way and doesn’t matter whether the Republicans or Democrats are at the helm of state it still all navigates the same. The well paid executives at NHPTV work for exactly who and other than pleas to the legislature to preserve their coveted jobs; how many decisions have they actually made on their own, like turning away what could be potentially lucrative contracts?

There is definately something there.