Biloxi Red.


Okay, so right now I’m listening to one of my favorite podcasts it’s called the Gonzo Goat Rancher Show.  He is talking about people who drive Prius cars.  (Think these can be downloaded for free on I Tunes as well).

Let’s move on.

It looks like I’ll be in Biloxi, Mississippi sometime in the near future.  The last time I was there it was pre-Katrina and the State of Mississippi had recently passed legislation allowing land based casinos to be built on the Gulf Coast area. I’m curious as to whether the initial inertia of economic development and jobs has been sustained throughout all.

The only thing I’m hearing politically is that during Katrina itself the state had a Republican Governor while New Orleans and Louisiana did not. I don’t know if this can be any type of argument imagine what would have happened in New Orleans if nothing was said.

“We don’t need any more god dammed press releases.”- Mayor Ray Nagin.

But then again I also heard, also on the Gonzo Goat Rancher Podcast that the federal government was handing out debit cards to the Katrina victims which were then used in places like strip clubs and for purchase of Louis Vitton handbags.

Imagine something like this happening in New Hampshire.