From August to January I was employed as an Over the Road (OTR) Truck Driver for the Salt Lake City, Utah based Central Refrigerated Service Inc. During this time I literally covered thousands of miles across geography, markets, individuals and what I believe is a direct correlation to New Hampshire politics. This is my story…

So the Atlanta skyline is rapidly changing from afternoon to dusk. And I’m awakened to someone who looks like this.

Yeah I know she looks pretty good.

And I don’t get a chance to initiate human contact “hi” she says with a face that is clear and unflinching. “Hello there” I respond still trying to acclimate to what’s before me, trucking isn’t an industry that has alot of this around. “So where are you from?”she says. “New Hampshire” I reply now thinking: my whole time as a NH State Representative I never saw a female like this one, the NH Statehouse and Siberia have a comparison here.

Then she hits me with the question that I think I’ll remember forever not so much for the question itself but upon the dynamics of the question and ultimately its real meaning.

Do you have any extra cash?”

Of course the first thought has to be...But like politics I think this is an example of nothing ever is as it seems. As a driver it was my understanding that contracts like this aren’t ever initiated like this, ever, it’s done via the C.B. radio and even then it’s for a third party service like a stress free massage. My second thought is that this is a fairly upscale neighborhood with “homes priced from the 250s.” So this whole situation may not be as it seems. She very well could be a fundraiser for Oxfam, Greenpeace or even a political candidate. And I respond, “Actually I’ve been driving all night long and I really don’t.” I don’t get off the last word and in a flash she vanishes into the rapidly approaching darkness under the overhead elm trees—like a supernatural transition in a Stephen King movie, she was gone!

Later I would ask several nearby drivers if they had seen this female, they hadn’t.