Lotus Revolution.


As has been my recent experience I’ve been reading a lot in the Wall Street Journal Newspaper and finding direct comparison with New Hampshire. Today is no exception “Mubarak’s Interests Are Not America’s.”- Saad Eddin Ibahim

All quotes are from the article.

The young Egyptians now making their stand for democracy in Cairo’s Tahir Square were all born during Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Although Mr. Mubarak has finally voted to step down at the end of his term in September, few believe him.”

Sure New Hampshire faces nowhere near the geopolitical tension of Egypt but I think there are some definite similarities here, if it looks like and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck. The approval ratings for Governor Lynch are reportedly rising just like the outcome of the recent elections and the state of the economy in the Granite State.  So did the voters really gain anything in the last elections? Republican control of the legislature and more press releases explaining what can be done instead of what is being done. New Hampshire faces a continuing budget deficit and seems to stumble over any strategic issues that lead to the future: expanded casino gaming, one example. But the approval ratings are still climbing aren’t they!

The idea that Mr. Mubarak is central to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process has been repeated like a mantra by successive American administrations. What none seems to have noticed is that he hasn’t advanced the peace process one inch beyond what Sadat achieved in 1981.” “And the reason is simple: The regime has parlayed the false perception of its role into a lucrative industry, billions of dollars of western aid.”

What has been accomplished in the last two years on the budget deficit? Other than press releases from B.J. Bettencourt what will be done this session? I’m not rock throwing here either, I think the Stephen’s campaign fell flat because voters couldn’t see anything that he would really do once elected, and the voters had the choice. Meanwhile, the federal grants come into New Hampshire. I’m confident that the grants will continue to come into New Hampshire. I’m surprised the honorable Bass and Guinta haven’t had a press release about these grants along with their visits to the Boys and Girls clubs. The money will continue to flow in. What difference does it make, politically? The answer is none.

But I’ll still close this one out with a note of optimism.

But the children of the Lotus Revolution, with the help of Twitter and Facebook have revealed the Pharaoh’s nakedness to the world.”

May NHInsider continue on and let the citizens of New Hampshire know what is really going on. Imagine WMUR and what do they call it, Political Scoop having a feature about the deficit and lack of jobs and what is being done for the citizens in New Hampshire.

NHInsider needs to continue on.