Not My Group, Yours.


The Concord Monitor Newspaper did an interesting job on the hearing relative to Northern Pass Power Project as proposed by PSNH and its spokesman, Gary Long.

The article discussed renewable energy but this wasn’t the interesting part. What is interesting is the done deal. Whether this is just how it’s written or reality is a question, from the article:

He urged North Country residents to get involved in the planning process, including hearings that will be held by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of its permitting process for the project, so that all sides could collaborate to minimize the project's impact while reaping its gains.”

So in other words this project proceeds “as part of the it’s permitting process” because New Hampshire doesn’t decide. Washington does.

It’s also interesting that the group in opposition put together a bus to travel down to Concord to testify against this power line. As I recall when the state’s last remaining three paper mills closed down sending thousands to the street there was nary a peep from the local residents. Now they’re opposed to a project that is already in the planning and permitting stages; and like or loathe it will bring in taxbase and revenue into New Hampshire. I wonder how many of the bus riders are shareholders of Northeast Utilities? Curious question indeed.

Nothing in politics is ever as it seems.