Answering The Questions.


Okay. I’m here in the lobby of Canadian Immigration (Customs) right over the bridge from Detroit. The Canadian officer is asking me a series of questions and I’m answering them, at this point I really can’t hazard an idea of what exactly he’s looking for.

“What were you doing in Detroit?” he asks. “Just transiting through” I answer thinking that I’ve already answered this question at least two other times. “Have you been to Canada before?” he asks looking like a German Sheppard studying its prey. “Yes I have mainly Montreal but I’ve been to Toronto.” “And where are you coming from?” I answer by stating “Kansas City, Missouri.” And yet another question comes, “And what was your business in Kansas City, Missouri?” “Looking for a job.” By now he typing some information into the computer, my U.S. Passport sits nearby. “So what do you do for work?” “Long distance truck driver” I quickly respond. This is like fox and hound. “Have you ever driven into Canada?” His emotionless face now looking at me. “No, but it’s an interesting idea though.” I sense that he isn’t interested in ideas or concepts involving transportation or cross border trading systems he was looking for the answer only. I still don’t know what he is looking for: they’ve searched my car and didn’t find anything; and now I’m here answering these questions without the slightest idea of where any of this is headed. So I’m going to try and knock the ball back in his court:

“Do you know of any Canadian trucking companies that are looking for drivers?”

“Have a seat over there.” he says.

So I’m sitting on this long bench starring at the picture of Queen Elizabeth a member of royalty who lives in a castle, sits on a throne while vast portions of society are over taxed and a lot live without or in conditions of derivation and squalor. I’m thinking “It will be a cold day in fucking hell before I’ll ever kneel before this human specimen.” So I look over at Officer Shepard he is looking at a red fatbook with a Canadian leaf on the cover, he's actually flipping between the table of contents and some of the later chapter(s).

To Be Continued