Cannon Ski Dawgs.

Mittersil Ski Area. Should NH be in the ski area business?  

Later this week I’ll be doing what I didn’t get a chance to do in either Colorado or Canada.


This is a shot of Mittersil Ski Area and the newly constructed chair lift that will integrate the long defunct operations of Mittersil into the aegis of the state owned Cannon Mountain. I’m confident that it will do this certainly the terrain will lend itself for a better ski experience. But I still think a larger question remains:

Does New Hampshire have to be in the ski area business?

If you’ve ever listened to former Parks Director Rich McLeod, as I have, the answer to this question has to be no it doesn’t and for financial reasons it shouldn’t. I’m not going to go into the exact details of what I have heard but the whole thing spanks of Enron accounting models and a good ole boy network that doesn’t want change at Cannon regardless of how effective this change could be. I’m terming Mcleod as the spokesman, there are others. It wouldn’t matter how much the state loses on the operations of Cannon or opportunities that have been lost-- the whole attitude just keep the status quo.

I was in Littleton today and seeing volunteers putting up political signs which were worded to the effect: “Save Our Safety. The next lives that are saved could be yours.” At town meeting Littleton voters will be asked to reduce the size of town government due to shrinking taxbase and increasing municipal cost(s). It’s a painful choice that if passed will cause the elimination of jobs like police and firefighters, among others.

It’s a tough choice but a needed choice. And the voters will decide.

If a town is forced to make cuts to important services like safety don’t you think the state should be doing the same especially with the non- essential discretionary item like Cannon Mountain?

I’m sure Former Director McLeod and the ski dawgs have an answer to this one.