Fish and Game Fishy.


I really like seafood, especially fish and during the past year I've been working on several types of recipes, batter mixes and the tactical use of hot oil to improve my seafood cooking skills. I've been successful in this endeavor, I know this because yesterday I ate at the Weathervane Seafood Restaurant in West Lebanon, NH and the haddock sandwich at $9.95 was basically a fatty Van De Kamps fish stick with undercooked fries and I can definitely make a better sandwich than this. It was still worth the ten bucks though, they had these cute servers running around everywhere. And they weren't text messaging either, somehow every time I see a female these days and they're all texting all the time!!!

I'm drifting off topic.

So as a part of my interest(s) in seafood I'm thinking about fishing on the seacoast this summer or at least considering and investigating the idea. I've served in the U.S. Coast Guard and feel comfortable with the responsibilities of being on and near the ocean but have not done any fishing on the ocean itself. One of the first things I encountered in my quest for information was a glossy magazine produced by the NH Fish & Game Department titled: Saltwater Fishing or something like this. I expected that this would be about fishing in the ocean and how to learn and understand the rules of fishing in the seacoast area of New Hampshire.

Incorrect assumption and I mean incorrect.

To Be Continued...