Would You Run?


I'll start this blog off by asking all of you a question: Would you run for the NH General Court? Yes/No and more importantly, what are the reason(s) for your answer.

In a post below Representative Steve Vaillancourt whose name I find hard to spell accuses me of carping on the expanded casino gaming legislation and encourages me to run for the legislature and vote on the legislation instead of carping on it. He also talks about Wisconsin a place he has never visited but according to his own words he likely knows more about Wisconsin than alot of people that actually live there.

What would this world be without intelligent people I mean really...

I don't think that I've carped about the issue of legislation or the possibility of expanded casino gaming in the Granite State I've worked to show evidence, analysis and live reports from states and areas that have casino gaming and have tried to show and suggest how it might work in New Hampshire. Being my own critique I could have provided more indepth analysis of aspects like financial and economic data and created supportable arguements like revenue models or even forecasting. I'm not sure this would make for very interesting blog reading so I didn't do this but I still don't think I'm carping on this issue.

So before answering as to whether I would run (again) for the New Hampshire House of Representatives I'm going to pull a historic opt out.

I asked you first.