SPNHF: Quality Lobbying.


Yesterday, in the mail I got a form letter from the Society for the Protection of NH Forests (SPNHF) my first thought is that this is nothing more than an appeal for money to support their administrative infrastructure and ultimately their political position(s) on NH forests.

It wasn’t this at all and actually it was the most effective piece of lobbying I think I’ve ever seen. It was about the proposed Northern Pass transmission system and those large electric towers marching across New Hampshire to benefit the balance sheets and cash flow of PSNH and Hydro Quebec. Well the SPNHF piece is opposed to Northern Pass and they not only stated this quickly and succinctly but they included a computer generated map which made it easier for me to understand not only the issue but why SPNHF was taking the position that they are. And the most important part of this whole letter is they didn’t ask for money.

I think this is good lobbying because not only has SPNHF taken an important strategic position but they are using their time and resources to also work the grassroots level; the proposed Northern Pass and its shell company is a major issue that will affect the future of New Hampshire. This letter also suggested resources to learn more about this issue instead of their organization being the only talking points on Northern Pass and Northern Pass LLC.

Of course SPNHF needs money, every lobbying organization needs money, every political candidate and policymaker in New Hampshire needs money, but I think using any issue to raise money is wrong. SPNHF didn’t do this which is a credit to this organization.You’ve probably heard the expression “build it and they will come.” In this case with respect to the quality lobbying done by SPNHF the words stop it and they will come. New Hampshire will also be a better place if they’re successful in their efforts and I hope they are.