Reality From Vermont.


Today I saw some scenes from Vermont that show, and lacking in better words the difference between vision and reality. And this isn't a reality tv show either where the script only makes an attempt to show the reality, and it isn't reality.

The first thing I saw was a really cool television commercial showing the Amtrak Vermonter and the Ethan Allen Express two taxpayer trains that are directly subsidized by the State of Vermont. As you might imagine the ad was all visionary showing why rail is an effective means of transportation and the sights and sounds that these trains travel through Vermont. It was a short but effective ad. If I had to title it: "Why you should ride Amtrak." I'm a proponent of rail I think that as policy rail not only makes sense but will in the end contribute toward better community and better society. That's right I think riding Amtrak trains means a better life for all. If only it could work this way in reality.

But this being said, and having ridden both the Amtrak Vermonter and the Ethan Allen Express I'd really question whether this is reality or some strange vision that happens to be on tv in the form of an ad. I'm not going to get into the specifics here but there clearly is a difference here between vision and reality.

And there is a reality. A reality that might answer some questions on it's own.

Right after the Amtrak ads was a news story about gasoline and cigarette prices in New Hampshire and Vermont and guess which state has lower taxes and prices for these societal needs. So the news people start interviewing Vermont residents shopping over in New Hampshire and according to their words "it's difficult to afford this over in Vermont."

So they come to New Hampshire!

There goes the arguement that cutting taxes doesn't increase demand.

Then the news people stated interviewing Sen. Bob Odell from Lempster I don't remember what he said but all I could think "is this elected official a RINO?" It seemed to me like he was talking like a politician from Vermont instead of New Hampshire. Vermont, the state that subsidizes Amtrak trains and has higher taxes than New Hampshire.