Trump NH Market.


Failed Congressional candidate Jennifer Horn penned an opinion editorial to the Union Leader critical of Donald Trump she hurls insults in everything from real estate development projects to the U.S. policy on China, I think Horn is ultimately blasting the same trumpet she herself has spent some time doing.

It's about the media coverage.

Accuse your enemies of your own worst traits. That's got to be out there as one of the oldest political strategies known. I'm just wondering with the Horn words of political prose if she is positioning herself for another lunge at the Second Congressional District. This battle would be uphill perhaps some media attention might be helpful. In politics nothing is ever as it seems. As she says, it's "time to chime in."

So the Horn article talks about all that Donald Trump has done wrong politically, but what about what he has done right? As an experienced and successful businessman I think Trump is approaching a possible candidacy the correct way: starting with the appearances like New Hampshire which, is not only valuable market research but could help both the candidate and the staff members gain invaluable insight into the voters and what the competition may be thinking and doing.  And speaking of the competition what are they doing including the writer of the Union Leader piece.

Politics as usual.