Why Even Bother.


Later on today I’m going to a public hearing sponsored by NHDOT, Bureau of Railroads relative to the NH State Rail Plan. I’m trying to be positive but it’s hard.White River Jct. VT. NH has substantial real estate near here but does nothing with it.

If I testify I’m planning to argue as to why this state doesn’t do anything with the substantial railroad and real estate holdings it has towards creating economic development and jobs and a very partial listing includes: West Lebanon and Concord and the crystal clear opportunity there is for creation of intermodal transportation (highway, rail) capability which is clearly needed in this area of the world. The state already owns the real estate it’s just a matter of making it happen.

This is where I think this public hearing will fall short. I’ve testified at these many times before at one point I even did a financial analysis using spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides. The officials at NH DOT are very polite as were the elected officials in the hearing but after testifying it’s my direct impression that the only reason these hearings are held is because it’s required by law. Not because the NH DOT, Bureau of Railroads is interested in public participation or doing anything different than their prescribed goals.

Why even bother.

I’ll try testifying again we’ll see what happens.