We Teachers. Wee Entitled.


To make a long story short I recently had to abort a trip to the railyards in White River Jct. Vermont due to the weather and the flooding that is happening in the Conn River valley. In any case I'd end up at the Chilli's Restraunt over in West Lebanon and the scene I would find there makes me glad the State Senate is proposing massive cuts across state government I hope these cuts find their way into the entrenched-entitled educational establishment that exists in New Hampshire.

"Oh the children, what about the children!." Yeah right. B.S. is defined.

Picture this two average looking females sitting at the bar sipping drinks having a Brittney Spears type of conversation, talking about their boyfriends and then checking their text messages every 5-6 minutes. I'd term them blonde ditzes but they weren't blonde. But they are of this mentality so I'll leave it there. And then the bombshell drops. Ka-Boom.

"We didn't make adequate yearly progress." said ditz number one. Of course the other stupid one has to respond within the parameters of the mini mind that sits on her shoulders like a pea in a pod. "Really" she says. And guess what these two do for their work: they're teachers that's right teachers and from the tone of the conversation I'm guessing at Lebanon High School I have no idea what subject matter but it doesn't matter. Okay. For those of you that are not familar with Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP); this is the metric the State of New Hampshire uses to determine if the students in a school are in fact being educated. So if a school fails to make adequate yearly progress then someone in the school is failing and it isn't the students.

And you'll never guess what the two texting teaching wonders had to say about the school failing its AYP. The proceeded to blame everything around them and I mean everything. They blamed the principal, they blamed the parents, they blamed snow days they even blamed the textbooks. Forget taking responsibility and doing their jobs just play the blame game, "oh the children, what about the children!"  If you think the story ends here or the situation gets better think again. Of course these are ambitious teachers that work in a school where everyone is failing except them. Well, ditz number two want's to pursue a Master's in Education and guess who is going to pay for it. That's right the school district is apparantly going to pay a substantial portion of the cost of this important degree. "It's about investing in education for a better community." one of them declares while reading a text message.

I'm shocked I didn't know someone like Brittney Spears could say something like this.