Cross Border.


Several months ago I posted a blog (see archives) about my cross border transit between Detroit, Michigan up through Canada and then down across the New York Thruway and then to Bennington, Vermont and ultimately New Hampshire.

Well this wasn’t the original plan.

So I left the story at a Canadian Immigrations station which is directly across the bridge from Detroit. My vehicle is in the process of being searched (they find nothing) and I’m then motioned inside to a lobby area with a long counter with yet more customs officials (police) and a most prominent photograph of Queen Elizabeth. After having an interesting Q&A session with an officer I’ve termed German Sheppard I’m now sitting on a long wooden bench awaiting whatever action they might take next.

Officer German Sheppard is flipping through a big red fatbook with a Canadian leaf on the cover he’s going between the table of contents and the chapters in the center as if he is looking for something and I can’t imagine what. Like I said in my initial post(s) they were very interested in the fact that I’d come from Kansas City, Kansas up to Detroit. So I still can’t imagine what he could be looking for in this book. I’m now starring at the photo of QE. I wonder if these Canadians like being her subjects.

As if they have any choice. They don't.

“You’re all set.” German Sheppard says. “Take this form out to the officers.” he quickly adds. So I walk out to my car and the officers are huddled in a small outpost type of building there’s a small space heater inside. I hand one of the officers the form and then thank them for their help. They don’t even acknowledge me.

So I depart Canadian Customs headed east by now I’m starving and see a sign for a Tim Houlton’s Coffee Place or something like this and it wouldn’t take long for me to find the reason for my rapid exodus from Canada and back into the United States.

To Be Continued