What Is The Status of H.B. 218?


Today I spent some time trying to check the status of H.B. 218 this is the NH Rail Authority dissolution legislation. As always, the General Court information system provides an accurate insight into what is happening on legislative actions.

Maybe it's the news media fault.

So I read in the Union Leader that the Senate was scheduled to take up the amended legislation today in its session. So I read through the bill status category and it says that on 5/11/2011 the bill had passed by a vote of 16-8; the Senate majority were all Republicans.

Did the Senate act on this bill today? I can't tell from the website.

Previously, Governor Lynch has stated that he is planning on a veto of H.B. 218 if it passes the senate. I don't know why I dislike the NH Rail Authority as much as I do I believe it has to do with what I percieve is an arrogant and superior attitude of Sen. Burling and several of the appointed members:

"We know best."

Well they don't know best. This has been shown by the outpouring of financial and societal support the NH Rail Authority has recieved since it was politically conceived. I've written in the past about just how little this authority has accomplished in its time so I won't bore you with another diatribe on why H.B. 218 should be passed into state law.

Last thought I'll leave you with. The news media is reporting that voters in Plaistow, NH are not too far from a decision to reject the MBTA proposal to build a locomotive layover facility in that community. This is a good move and another setback to the NH Rail Authority. When I spoke with one of their members from Holderness he told me that the NH Rail Authority was actually supporting Massachusetts investing in New Hampshire.