Boutin Gets It Right.


In the past I've been very critical and harsh against Sen. David Boutin but a recent legislative move demonstrates that not only has he changed he has the skills to be a really good negotiator and statesman.

As all of you know the bill to dissolve the NH Rail Authority has passed the House and now sits in the Senate. And predictably, the self-proclaimed master of rail and former Senator Peter Burling is opposing this bill which impacts his beloved train turf and positions for his appointed minions, which in my impression are all of the right pedigree and establishment acumen to serve on the NH Rail Authority.  

Alright so in the Sunday Union Leader there was a really good article about the Rail Authority legislation and its status in the senate. Senator Boutin is proposing an amendment which calls for the Rail Authority to continue to exist but it's proposed contracts would have to be put to a private bid and then pass a majority before the Governor and Executive Council. Well, apparently Burling doesn't like this. I think it's because it introduces the one thing this authority has needed all along:


I won't sit here and waste your time arguing why a state agency that proposes to spend millions of taxpayer dollars might need some oversight and realistic accounting methods. This certainly could not be because it hasn't been demonstrated who the supporters are or who would even ride the trains. And then further still, it's my understanding that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is now involved in this project and not that this state would ever use flawed or inaccurate accounting methods with respect to the use of taxpayer money. Nah...that would never happen.

Governor Lynch has stated that he plans to veto the Rail Authority legislation if it passes in it original form. I think Senator Boutin has done a really quality initiative by sponsoring this amendment to preserve not only the validity of the idea through policy but to also protect the interests of the individuals that will pay for this expensive policy idea, the taxpayers. Senator Boutin has clearly found the common and stable ground from which to negotiate and I hope that Governor Lynch will see this and do what is best for New Hampshire.