The Cultural Affairs Vendetta.


In a post below that reads more like a vendetta than a coherent legislative action Rep. Vaillancourt bleated all that is being accomplished by realigning the NH Cultural Affairs Department and saving some amount of money. It's always about the money.


There are some things in this world that can’t be quantified, slide-ruled or brought into the mathematical matrix of how things should be. Art is one of them.

How do you attach a value of a painting with a story to tell and what this story does for the people who look and consider it? It can’t be done.

This is what the super finance Rep. Vaillancourt doesn’t understand. Pinch a few pennies and give it to Health & Human Services he says. This is the same Vaillancourt that walks into a public library and argues it should be closed because there were no patrons there on a rainy day. Then he cites Business NH magazine and its 'statistics'. I have a question for the superpolicy maker and number cruncher of how many NH people (statistically) have been convicted of any type of crime that have visited or seen the material in an art museum at least two times a year. Here is a hint: the answer to this question doesn’t come from people that own a HDTV or play XBOX 360 or the PS3 and these wonderful consoles on a regular basis. I’d also be willing to bet that the savings here translates into a lot more money than what is going to be allocated to the NH Department of Health & Human Services once the Cultural Affairs Department is “realigned.” 

Nada.  Perhaps Business NH Magazine should have a article about this. I wasn't aware that they had articles, but they do have plenty of advertising for conference space though.

It’s also clear that Rep. Vaillancourt doesn’t have any sense of community or people; just let the numbers decide because it’s logical. His debating skills are lacking as well. If they don't agree with me: just delete it. This is quality leadership from Manchester. Best in class.

Thank you Representative Vaillancourt!