The Sharpie.


When I last reported on I’d been working on finding out what the status is on H.B. 218 which now sits on the desk of Governor John Lynch.

I have a lot to report.

Citizen Services returned my call by leaving a voicemail and a number to return a call; I think her name was Kylie, Kirsten or something like this. So I dial the number and she picks up in 2-3 rings and I introduce myself and stating that I’m returning her call.

“Actually you’re not returning my call I had left a voicemail in response to your call.” she says with an aire of superiority in her tone. And my instant thought: “And what do we have here….”

A sharpie.  

“So do you know the status of H.B. 218?” I say “I do not” the sharpie says. I’m following up: “Well can you check on this?” “Governor Lynch doesn’t release information to citizen services about pending legislation but the website is updated weekly when the decision is made.”

Is this just the cool conversation or what?

I call looking for information and I’m getting nothing more than a well worded explanation about phone tag. I’m tempted to ask the sharpie if she could connect me with someone else in her office that actually has some information instead of fluff. But for whatever reason I decide against this. “Alright” I respond I’ve more or less reconciled to simply awaiting the decision on H.B. 218 and what its long term consequences are to New Hampshire.

And there will be consequences…


Next Blog: H.B. 218 and the Burton Buck Pass.