This Went Right.


There seems to be alot of vitriol floating around the end of the legislative session and the Statehouse. Some of it is even on this very board (see my response) below.

At least one thing went right.

Governor Lynch has signed into law H.B. 229-FN-A which repeals the 10% tax on gambling winnings. This is good for several reasons: First is the regressive nature of the tax, think jobs at the Lodge at Belmont; the second is the potential for gambling winnings, wherever they may be and finally the future of the industry and chairitible events that raise funds in addition to gambling winnings.

This isn't an argument for expanded casino gaming, which is a separate issue.

I'll close this out by saying that I've been to casinos and racetracks across the U.S. and Canada and when the Lodge at Belmont had simulcasting and the automated betting stations it was one of the best, if not the best simulcasting facility in the country. If you don't believe me name another simulcasting facility or track that offered what the Lodge at Belmont did.

Dover Downs is a nice track with thoroughbred racing but they don't have the facilities for bettors. Try standing in line at a betting window two minutes before post time, especially when a lead horse on a $2 trifecta box has just scratched and the board shows a 20-1 horse jumping to 6-1 with a Beyer score of 97.  

The policymakers in Concord and Governor Lynch did a quality action by repealing a regressive 10% tax and creating opportunity for the future. This is what leadership and good policy is all about.