It Can't Be Done.


The word sadness would be the wrong description here but when I heard the news this morning that former Governor Walter Peterson had died my first thoughts had to be something of loss to New Hampshire. Everyone gets older and eventually they die.

Governor Peterson was one of the first politicians that I’d ever meet and I don’t even think of him as a politician. I’ll get the next description right: statesman. Governor Peterson was the first statesman that I met before I ran for the legislature in 1994. I don’t think there are many statesmen in New Hampshire politics, in this field ambition and power trumps this whole concept but if you’ve ever spoken to the former Governor it’s clear that not only did he understand the issue(s) at hand but he understood New Hampshire and the people that live here. I can’t think of any other elected official that had or has these skills. Statesman, diplomacy and balance all fit in right here. I don’t know Martin Gross but I remember Gov. Peterson telling a joke about the former Attorney General not only was the joke funny but the subject matter of the joke was a serious issue that was resolved and served New Hampshire at the same time.

Name any other politician statesman that can do this.