Low Taxes Equals More Jobs.


So today I took a jaunt down I-93 S/B to Route 106 in Belmont.

The Lodge at Belmont.

It was my plan to stop by and gain any information I could about H.B. 229-FN-A and it's impact to the Lodge at Belmont and what I think was the best Parimutuel racing tracks in the United States and Canada. I feel qualified to make this statement because I've been to basically all of them, except the Mountaineer Racetrack in West Virginia and Belmont Park in New York.

The place was basically dead; I expected to find some motorcycles from the bike week festivities but there were none. Once inside there was alot of darkness. The monitors that once showed tracks and payout information from across the U.S. were turned off and the once mutual windows once busy with bettors purchasing and cashing tickets were encased in a acrid, dark black and I mean a pitch black.

It was almost scarry... Not that I subscribe to Stephen King and ideas of zombies just appearing out of darkness seeking revenge to those who would wager on animals running around a circle track.

"New Hampshire has repealed the 10% tax on gaming winnings." I say to a drop dead gorgeous female behind the main bar. She looks at me waiting for what's coming next: she's wearing a dark shirt with her shoulders exposed, and a good sized tatoo of an patriotic American eagle or something close to this. "Do you know if the horse racing is coming back?" I quickly say.

"Labor Day" she says. "They hope to have horse racing by Labor Day." she adds.

There you have it NHInsiders.

This is what happens when taxes are lowered. Economic Development and jobs for New Hampshire.