Reduce The Legislature.


It's apparent that Kathy Sullivan didn't do alot of editing before sending in her most recent editoral to the largest newspaper in Manchester. In it she asks the same repetitive question at least 8-9 times in succession with no real flow of ideas or the underlying reasoning for this idea.

Reduce the size of the Legislature.

The only time this question seems to surface is when the career politicians and their appointed bureaucrats are impaled by the actions of the "citizen legislature." Reducing the size of the legislature is like the shareholders of Tyco International and Enron complaining to the SEC about the worthlessness of their stock holdings as not six months earlier they had been parting with the flow of investor capital: corporate jets, lavish parties and $750.00 glasses of Romanee Conti, DRC wine. Not only does class pay but it tastes good as well. It really does.

If Sullivan were serious about making her argument she might have attached some policy issues and specific legislation, if you notice she didn't. She could have attacked the endless flow of policy and study committees which in my direct experience, don't produce anything especially when the legislature is in session. And then in comes Rep. Vaillancourt. The $4700.00 mileage payments and the NH House of Representatives isn't in session. I'm not sure how Sullivan clashed swords with this travelling legislator but I'm sure it's an act worthy of mention under the big top right before the act with the elephants, which is always my favorite. Forget those stupid clowns.

Sullivan still could have done a better job with this editorial. Maybe she can to a rewrite about why New Hampshire needs a five person Executive Council in a world where expensive wine tastes really good but there still isn't enough of it to go around.

As unfortunate as that statement may be.