John Stephen As Gambler.


It didn’t make the mainstream news media but from what I now understand it that the second largest pick six carryover in New York history recently happened with the finish of the recent Belmont Stakes horserace.

The carryover was $1.13 million.

“These carryovers usually get taken down as syndicates and whales jump down with massive investments.” said Steven Crist one of the best known horse experts in the country.

What happens if it doesn’t?

In this particular case, I was reading various blogs to see if was a winner for this pick six and to my astonishment learned that an investment syndicate had actually invested $90K in tickets for this race and not cashed. $90K invested and gone in one race.

So what does this have to do with NH politics and John Stephen?

There can be a case made that elected politics is a lot like horseracing and depending on whether Stephen enters the race the outcome of the Belmont pick six could be largely the same, if not more. Stephen is a two time loser for statewide office, and though he might have had some good campaign ideas and workouts he is still a longshot for the corner office. This is only compounded by the fact that Ovide Lamontage also from Manchester is now contemplating a run for Governor.

I don’t think it looks good for Stephen at all. This is a gamble pure and simple. Stephen would have to raise in excess of 90K only to bet the whole ticket on a contested Republican primary against a candidate who now has the political capital to outdistance his rival on any surface grass, dirt or synthetic. I’m from northern New Hampshire and northern New Hampshire doesn’t decide the race for Governor but every vote counts, Lamontage has much greater name recognition than the former Health & Human Services Commissioner and failed candidate for U.S. Congress.

$90K invested in one race and they didn’t cash a ticket. I’ll also put Jennifer Horn in the same category as Mr. Stephen and for largely the same reasons.

Both are bad bets.