Congressman Guinta Good Legislation.


It won’t have sweeping immediate benefits to the First Congressional District but freshman Representative Frank Guinta has introduced legislation that will not only benefit New Hampshire but the entire United States.

H.R. 2357 the “Fighting Fraud In Transportation Act of 2011.” will rein in an industry I’d characterize and experienced as being a combination of used car salesmanship in an old west environment. In the movement of freight the broker is the intermediary between the freight itself and the carrier moving the freight. It gets interesting and dangerous because the broker wants to take at least 40% of the freight payment and then pay the carrier as little as possible or, in some cases nothing. This UTUBE video is a graphic example of what freight brokers can do.

The Guinta legislation as I understand it requires freight brokers to increase their performance bonds and undergo more rigorous regulatory approval for their operations including the payment to the contracted carriers. If passed into law H.R. 2357 will make the movement of freight across the country fair and equitable to everyone that is involved shippers, receivers, carriers and ultimately, the consumer.

This is good legislation credit to Congressman Guinta for introducing it.

"Another Bad Day in Trucking Credits to Cargill Meat Packing Company." UTUBE.