Good Trip If You're Invited.


Senator Jeanne Shaheen is sponsoring and leading an endeavor for New Hampshire.

A trade mission to India.

I don’t have all quotes in front of me but as you might imagine it has to do with the topic of the day: jobs and economic development. Though I’m skeptical there will be much of this on this trip.According to the news release in the Union Leader the trip is being coordinated by the NH DRED agency, International Trade Resource Center, Director Dawn Wivell “and the State Department.” “Growing our exports is key to growing jobs, and India represents an enormous and untapped competitive opportunity for New Hampshire businesses and workers.” said Shaheen.


New Hampshire taxpayer resources $$$$$ are being used for a trip to India.

Here is why this won’t work:

Any New Hampshire business interested in pursuing new trade and investment opportunities with India is invited to attend.” The deadline to apply is July 8.

Name any New Hampshire business venture or corporation that can make a commitment to make a decision to attend a trade mission to India in what, eight days? I remember when Governor Shaheen had the trade missions to Europe. It was the same thing too but instead Director Dawn Wivell acted as gatekeeper. For example I knew of businesses and individuals in northern New Hampshire that would have attended including; the then fairly expensive prices including airfare for the trip to Europe.  Director Wivell is very good at screening out applicants that don’t meet the criteria to attend the trade mission.

I’d suspect the same thing is going to happen here. The attendees will all be Shaheen political supporters if not hacks and they’ll have a nice time eating curry and learning how to meditate while they’re riding on India’s state of the art transportation system.

Genetically modified water buffalos.