High Fuel Prices.


My adventures in Canada and my roadtrip from Detroit back to New Hampshire.

It was quite a trip indeed.

So I bid adieu to the Canadian Immigration officials at the border and headed east across Canada. It’s a freezing, gray morning there isn’t anything on the radio worth listening to and then my Garmin GPS stops working. No service it says. I’m driving along and see this sign for a place called Tim Horton’s it looks like a coffee place similar to a Dunkin Doughnuts in the United States. It didn’t take much analysis and quantative reasoning as to why I should stop here.

They have coffee.

“Bonjour” says this classy looking female as I walk into this immaculate looking restraunt with every type of breakfast food item known in mankind. I’ve basically been driving all night and after the mind lifting experience at the border, well it was turning into a good morning indeed. “Hello there” I respond (I don’t speak much/any French, failed that one in high school.) So she asks me in English if I would like anything, she must be as intelligent as she looks or just good at figuring out who has the ability to speak French from a simple response. Tim Horton’s rocks the food is great, reasonably priced somehow I can’t think of a parallel here in the United States or at least New Hampshire.

Alright so now I’m right outside Toronto and I’ve got about ½ tank of fuel in my 2009 Subaru Legacy so I start looking at the prices. And then it hits:

$20.00 a liter. And a very quick mathematical conversion: The vicinity of $6.80 a gallon in U.S. dollars.  I’m considering driving to Montreal the city has Rue St. Katherine’s Street and the Hilton has a rooftop swimming pool, but this isn’t going to happen at $6.80 a gallon. So the next iniative is to head south through Toronto cross over the border near Niagara Falls and then the NY thruway across New York and eventually to historic Bennington, Vermont.

I’m already envisioning the U.S. Department of Homeland Security there’re called Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers they’re very professional, or perhaps I’m just getting better at answering their questions.