Jennifer Horn as Ice Cream Salesman.


Two time failed congressional candidate shows once again why she would never be effective in the Second Congressional District.

Appearing at the Palin clambake in Seabrook, Jennifer Horn reportedly discussed the federal budget deficit and stated to Palin to the effect “more Mom good sense is needed in Washington, D.C.” I don’t know what is worse that she says this or if she could actually believe it.

No matter.

It doesn’t matter if Palin responded to this drivel or not. As stated in the posts below Pundits v. Palin the former governor of Alaska is clearly operating in a different demographic and product market than is Horn the later having actually very little in common with themes that largely originate in Alaska.

So why is Jennifer Horn doing this?

There are three ways to sell ice cream: you can advertise it, you can talk about it or you can demonstrate eating it yourself. Numerous studies have shown that the later is the most effective means of getting the sale. If you’ve ever seen celebrities demonstrating various products then you’ll have an idea of how powerful this marketing venue is.

So it appears to me that Jennifer Horn wants to tap the same demographic and sales potential that exists around the Palin market machinery. Connection power is the same thing as demonstrating it.

Good luck with this Ms. Horn.